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Candidate experience

“ helped us to double our talent pools by drastically simplifying the candidate experience on our website.”

Erik JUHL,
Head of People,

Upskilling & Career recommendation

“’s technology can help companies prepare their workforce towards the new standards of skills and functions that will be brought by the job market evolution.”

Andre Benoit De JAEGERE,
Partner, @Capgemini

Recruiting automation

“ has built a mind blowing technology that is bringing automation to the HR industry. I LOVE it. I think all our clients should be using it.”

Cecilia Krummenacker,
CMO, @Fed Group

Fairness & Privacy (GDPR)

“’s turned legal constrains such as GDPR and candidate data transparency into a business opportunity helping recruiters to identify hidden gems while being totally compliant.”

Caroline Matte,
Program Manager, @Facebook

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