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A fully integrated suite of
HR Data processing products is the 1st multi-layer AI powered API that brings intelligence to your HR Data and bridges the gap between all your data Sources and Destinations.
We also help both vendors and corporates to comply with the G.D.P.R, privacy regulations, algorithmic consent constraints and fairness requirements with pre-built features.

Parsing API

Meet the world’s most advanced HR Data parser
Extract structured entities from resumes, CV, profiles, jobs and more across all across media formats (PDF, DOCX, IMAGES, etc.) and complex documents.
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Revealing API

Meet the world’s 1st HR Data completion technology
Predict hard-skills, soft-skills and skills level of expertise.
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Embedding API

Meet the world's 1st HR Data vectorizer as a service
Build in 10% of the time, highly accurate machine learning models with just small data.
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Searching API

Meet the world’s 1st HR Data search engine as a service
Retrieve hyper relevant Profiles & Jobs with blazingly fast neural search API tailor-made for the HR field.
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Scoring API

Meet the world’s most advanced Profiles & Jobs recommendation engine
Predict success, detect hidden gems and recommend overlooked opportunities.
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Reasoning API

Meet the world’s 1st white-box matching technology
Uncover the evidence behind every matching or recommendation.
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Fully integrated APIs designed by world-class engineers to help you build state-of-the art AI PoweredCareer site.ATS.HR IS.Job board.HR Tech.
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Parsing api code
//   $ pip install hrflow  import  hrflow as hf  import  pprint  client = hf.client(api_secret = 'ask_90609f229d0ddd6a0ec31d0b3da5884f')  with  open('/path/to/file.pdf', 'rb') as file:      profile_binary =  response = client.profile.add_file(source_key = '5faacc314c5ff9f826450fe90e03b160498c5756',                                  sync_parsing = 1,                                  profile_file = profile_binary,                                  tags = [{ name: 'blacklist', value: True }])  pprint.pprint(response)
space: 2UTF-8Python in the Media


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