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  1. Talent Experience
  2. Talent Acquisition
  3. Talent Diversity
  4. Talent Mobility
  5. Talent Insights
  6. Talent Redeployment
  7. Talent Teaming
  8. Talent Up/New/Re-Skilling

Talent Experience

This flow leverages the Profile & Job API to optimize job discovery for both candidates and employees.
Data flow
  • 1 Sources: Career sites
  • 2 Processing: Parsing [Profile API] - Parsing [Job API] - Searching [Job API] - Scoring [Job API]
  • 3 Destination: ATS - Career sites
Powered by Profile API + Job API
Talent Experience
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Captureprofiles & jobs from every touch point

Processthe data with one AI layer or more

Sendresults to relevant workflows


Collect profiles from every platform and load it easily into Riminder.


Send your profiles to hundreds of tools for analytics, marketing and data warehousing.

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Data security is at the top priority for We invest in securing our infrastructure in close partnership with security experts and cloud providers. In 2018, (ex has been recognized by Amazon AWS in the TOP8 of well architected infrastructure in France.
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Privacy by design's infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting data runs on cloud architectures that meet the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements—such as GDPR. In 2017, (ex has been recognized by Facebook   as one the leading private by design platforms in Europe.
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