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Detailed features
Core Features
Templates (scoring models)
Requirement rules (Skills, Seniority, Degree, Geolocation, Tags)
Geolocation rules (address, education, experience)
Bulk export
Bulk import
Reports & Analytics
Sourcing monitoring
Screening performance
Competency mapping (internal insights)
Market landscape (external insights)
API access
Maximum queries per second
Processing time
Security & account access
Secure environment - HTTPS, API keys
Multi-user access
Team permissions & ACL
Support & guidance
Onboarding & training sessions
CSM & solutions engineers
Support & guidance
Advanced features
Executive roadmap briefings
Custom terms of services (TOS)
Custom service level agreement (SLA)
Custom billing and invoicing
Dedicated infrastructure
Document analysis
Media formats (pdf, word, tiff, ppt, png, jpeg, jpg)
Document splitting
Document classification (resume, cover, other)
Image cropping
Document orientation
Layout analysis
Entities recognition
Contact (name, email, phone, address, summary)
Educations (start, end, degree, university, location, description)
Experiences (start, end, title, company, location, description)
Skills (languages, hard skills, soft skills)
Interests, and more
Soft-skills prediction
Hard-skills prediction
Transversal-skills prediction
Skills-level prediction
Relevance score (hiring probability)
Cross-channel scoring
Filter retraining
Profile rescoring (after retraining)
Justification of the scoring given a filter (top skills, top experience, top education)
Frequently asked questions
How do you manage GDPR compliance?
As part of our ongoing commitment to data privacy, our solution is fully GDPR compliant. Our servers are hosted at AWS Irlande and Google Belgium. The client is responsible for the data submitted by candidates as its capacity of Data Controller, while HrFlow.ai mainly act as a Data Processor on Client’s behalf, according to the GDPR provisions. See more
What level of security does HrFlow.ai provide?
Keeping our customers' data safe is one of the most important thing that we care about at HrFlow.ai. We ensure that all data processed by HrFlow.ai is handled securely. See more
Do I have to use HrFlow.ai as a separate tool in addition to my ATS or/and CRM?
Both usages are possible. On one hand, HrFlow.ai can be used as a standalone tool to manage your talent pools. On the other hand, HrFlow.ai can play the role a layer of intelligence on the top of your ATS or CRM so you can benefit from all the intelligence without having to switch from your existing tool.
Is the technology relevant only for qualified jobs?
You can use HrFlow.ai for both blue and white collar jobs. The technology works across all backgrounds and locations.
How much does it take to set up?
The setup depends on the sources and destinations you choose. Our team will help you and walk you through the entire process (a few days max).
What level of support service does the Software provide?
We are happy to answer any questions you might have via email or phone. We also provide a dedicated support customers as an option.
Does HrFlow.ai provide pre-build packages for an API usage?
We provide built-in libraries for almost all common programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, cURL, Python, C#, Java, Ruby and Go). You can use our code examples to integrate HrFlow.ai in less than 2 minutes. See more

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